Szabadbattyán information for residents

Our product, specially optimised for informing residents and visitors, now also provides municipalities with a modern communication option in the form of a free mobile application

Our mobile application with a unique image, designed specifically for the municipality of Szabadbattyán, is based entirely on our visitorNEXT™ product. The solution provides up-to-date information and navigation for the public and for visitors, and modules suitable for addressing and educating young people have also been introduced, such as a quiz and a treasure hunt.

The purpose of introducing the solution was twofold: Informing the public in a modern application and supporting the increased number of tourists due to the newly opened Budapest-Balaton bicycle route by presenting the municipality.

Our solution has helped us achieve several useful goals together with our Customer:


Informing the public simply

All useful information about the municipality are available in one place. Iinformation on institutions, doctor's office opening hours, contact details, etc. All information about the Municipality is available at a click within the app, there is no need to collect data from multiple places (website, Facebook, etc.) – everything is available in one platform, transparently.


Custom news feed

Important news affecting life at the municipality can be sent to everyone via instant messaging notifications. Fast and direct messaging makes the app an efficient news delivery tool – there is no need to search in multiple platforms, and no information is lost in the Facebook newsfeed. Whether it's events or even traffic changes, messages are just a click away.


Boosting Turism

With our map navigation module, you can inform visitors via GPS or even QR codes. Everything of interest that the municipality would like to present can be found in a separate menu, helping to present and promote local values. The multimedia management of the solution can meet all your needs, whether it's audio guides, images, videos or text information.


Playful education

Getting young people to know the settlement is an important mission of the Municipality, so we have also introduced our scavenger hunt and quiz modules. Games, whether permanent or linked to events, can be easily added to enhance the experience of residents and visitors.


Introducing local entrepreneurs

For the first time in the Szabadbattyán app, local businesses can now appear in the list of points of interest on the map, advertising their services to residents or visitors. The business model helps to boost businesses, provide accurate information on opening hours, etc., while contributing to maintening the app by paying advertising costs.

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