GIGA 2003 Kft.

The first industrial user of our product is GIGA 2003 Kft. in Székesfehérvár, which has several production halls.

Our solution has helped us achieve several useful goals together with our Customer:


Factory visit with tour option

The tour function makes it easy to show students, auditors, clients, new staff, etc. around, and our localisation backend system automates and adds colour to the visitor’s experience, while providing useful information to everyone.


Faster training

Our localisation solution and QR code identification (for rooms, machines, devices, etc.) speeds up training and reduces the time spent on training experienced staff. Efficiency maximised.


Work processes, instructions, information

With unique QR code identifiers placed on machines/devices, all important information is available at a glance. It provides the availability of maintenance staff, work instructions, machine manuals, etc. with information exactly where and when it is relevant. It is a very useful feature for improving quality and reducing waste.


Logistics support

An outdoor GPS-based map navigates the suppliers, a detailed map can contain all the important data, and all information can be easily updated in the central cloud-based CMS system.


Constant direct contact with customers, interested parties and staff via the dedicated “GIGA2003” mobile app

Whether it's current news, job vacancies or internal policies, the app makes it easy to keep everyone informed.

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