VisitorNEXT - Powerful basics

All the features that ensure measurable success are available in our VisitorNEXT mobile app, in a simple, easy-to-understand way. We'll create your own logo app in just a few weeks, supporting your success in every aspect. Provide information based on the latest mobile app basics, without compromise!

We also have the operators in mind!

Our cloud-based solution stores your data with the most trusted providers (Amazon-AWS) and ensures fast and secure access and administration for all your employees. With the revolutionary Locbee™ CMS administration interface, you may not only perform administrative tasks, but also easily get to know all the details of visitor habits that are typically difficult to see.

    Complete administration for all functions

    Easy-to-use multilingual feature

    Multi-level map management

    Instant messaging to all installed applications

    – Easy management of constantly updated menu items (e.g. opening hours, news)

    Self-editing of important information

    Understanding online visitor habits

    Heat map – Displays where visitors go and how long they spend in each location

    Records of points of interest – number of visitors, time spent at each premise, etc.

    Evaluation and management of questionnaires

    Instant messaging results

    Quiz and treasure hunt games statistics

We provide all the help and documentation you need to get started, and in just a few weeks you can have a fully-fledged application with the ability to modify important content at any time. GDPR compliance and interoperability are provided to you and your visitors to the highest standards.

Technical requirements

Mobile device
  • GPS, Bluetooth enabled devices
  • iOS 12 or later operating system
  • Android 9 or later operating system
  • Enabling localisation for the application
  • Enabling Bluetooth use for the application
  • Enabling notifications for the application1
Local infrastructure
  • Indoor beacons (5pcs as part of the basic package to mark important places and points of interest.)
  • Visitors with WiFi internet access are an advantage, as some statistics require as many visitors to be online as possible2
  • Basic computer skills
  • Computer, tablet connecting to the Internet
  • Internet browser (supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari.)
Yes, that's really all it takes and you're ready to use our state-of-the-art visitor and staff information solution!

1 Optional

2 AIf visitors have mobile Internet access and there is coverage in the area, they will definitely be included in the statistics, even without WiFi.

Unique localisation services

Localisation both indoor and outdoor

With locbee™'s unique localisation technology, visitors can easily find their way around any premise. Bluetooth (BLE) transmitters assist in operation indoors, while GPS is used outdoors and guarantee a standard solution. BLE beacons can be used to "mark" important indoor locations/points of interesr and provide targeted information to visitors, while GPS can be used for outdoor navigation.

Indoor transmitters


Indoor transmitters

A 5 pieces of battery-powered indoor BLE beacons are supplied as part of the basic package.

As part of the basic package, we supply 5 pieces of battery-powered indoor BLE beacons that can be used to mark a single room or point of interest. They automate the visitor experience, help with orientation and provide statistics on visitor behaviour.

In our experience, this solution is perfectly sufficient for most of our customers for room-level localisation, given the right placement.

If you need more than one beacon, you can choose between battery-powered and mains-powered types when ordering. The number of beacons can be extended later, and we can also supply batteries if any of them runs out3.

Ask for advice before ordering – we have answers to all types of challenges!

3Their operational capacity is 8-18 months depending on configuration.


Accuracy to within a few metres

If you are looking for more precise indoor navigation, contact us. Based on Locbee™ technology, we can deliver you accuracy of up to a few meters on a custom project basis.

We'll give you practical advice on how to get started and help you put together your marketing materials with the creative materials that are supplied with your app.

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