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Mobile visitor information app

Want to serve a large number of people safely again? Get new visitors now!

  • Smart information for visitors without constantly changing boards or audio equipment, and without support staff
  • On the user's own mobile device
  • Works without an Internet connection
  • Shows direction and position during the visit
  • Presents the desired exhibit or tourist attraction using multimedia (image, text, audio, video) devices
  • More affordable than a custom development




VisitorNEXT – Visitor information made easy, without language barriers

Why choose us?
Because we deliver solutions to the challenges of the modern age! Attracting a new generation of visitors!

Advantages of the solution

VisitorNEXT mobile information application, is the solution.


Makes all information methods possible, no need for staff, signs or displays


No internet connection is needed, only at the main entrance

Used on own mobile device

It runs on the visitor's own mobile device: no staff needed to issue, retrieve or disinfect audio guides.

No service costs

No need to buy, repair or maintain your own equipment


Navigates the visitor – no need for signs or staff


It is also suitable for running quizzes and games related to the exhibition and the venue


The system generates statistics on visitor behaviour


Cheaper than developing a custom mobile app.

Fast return on investment

It pays off immediately because it provides immediate cost reduction

Favourable payment terms

You may request to pay in 12 monthly instalments

 Information signs and signageAudioGuide toolMobile friendly websiteVisitorNext
Savings on the installation of signboards and maintenance costs – –
Saving on staff – –
Saving on az asset purchases – –
Savings on az device handout and return –
Saving on device disinfection –
Video playback  – –
Available multilingual contentlimited
Works without an Internet connection –
Navigation-enabled – – –
Understanding visitors’ habits – – –

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Our sales and implementation process in simple and clear terms:

  1. Free survey and quote
  2. Ordering and contracting
  3. Designing the mobile phone application according to customer needs
  4. Education
  5. Handover of the application’s administration interface
  6. Uploading content – we provide help if you need it
  7. Upload to the AppStore and Google Play, where visitors can download the mobile app
  8. Promote your new service to visitors




VisitorNEXT – visitor information mobile app framework

For anyone who wants to keep their visitors and staff fully informed, easily. Based on Locbee™ technology.

The implementation of the VisitorNEXT-based mobile application platform has been easily solved, and its management is not a problem for our institution. The administration interface is clear and user-friendly. We currently use the system in seven locations, where we can provide the same level of quality service and information to all our customers, even in several languages. The playful educational module became a favourite with the audience. In-depth statistics are also of great help in optimising our day-to-day operations.

András Smohay, Diocese of Székesfehérvár, Museum Director

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